Delightful dogs visit the Billy B

Promoting student wellbeing is always high on the agenda for us (see previous blog about self-care and wellbeing ๐Ÿ˜Š). Particularly during Easter term, where pressures, anxieties and stress levels increase for many, thanks to the impending exam and assessment period. Planning study time, revision, getting enough sleep, eating well, taking breaks – all massively important but we know that sometimes, it can feel quite overwhelming to fit everything in.

To try and help with this, weโ€™ve developed a schedule of wellbeing events and activities throughout May, kicking off with a visit last Wednesday during Deaf Awareness Week from the wonderful Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

A hearing dog!

Students (and staff!) had the chance to meet and greet our adorable canine visitors outside the Billy B, giving them the ideal excuse to take a break from their studies and spend some time with our four-legged friends to help reduce any stress, anxiety or just for a cuddle to brighten their day!

Four-legged friend getting some fuss

It was wonderful to see so many students sitting with the dogs and stroking them, looking relaxed as they spoke to the handlers about these clever canines and their training to become a hearing dog. We hope everyone who came enjoyed their visit and that it had the desired effect ๐Ÿ˜Š 

A huge thank you to Margaret for helping to arrange the visit, and to Trixie, Rita, Poppy, Paris, Bruno, Murphy, Peppa, Inca, Chaz, Holly and Breeze along with their handlers Mo, Trevor, Cate, Janice, Peter, Karen, Yvonne, Sylvia and Martin for spending your time with us โ€“ we loved having you!

For more information on our upcoming wellbeing activities, or to access information and resources to help support your wellbeing, please visit our guide. For guidance and top tips on effective studying, visit our Study Skills guide.

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