Study skills guidance

We have a wide range of guides available to help our users get the most of what Library and Collections offer. These include:

  • Subject guides
  • Site guides
  • Service guides
  • Archives and Special Collections guides
  • Museum guides
  • Research skills guide

The research skills guide offers advice and support on finding and managing information, keeping up-to-date, and the subject guides point to the different resources available for staff and students working in particular disciplines.

Until recently, one area we felt we were not offering specific support for was study skills – but that has change now, with our newest guide!

The Study Skills guide

The Study Skills guide is designed to be an ever-growing document. The initial contents have drawn on the real-life experience of recent graduates, and the techniques they employed for effective studying, and we encourage students and staff to suggest additions.

The areas that the guide covers include:

  • Planning for studying
  • Reading effectively
  • Managing yourself and your workload
  • Your study environment
  • Revision techniques
  • Getting help

The guide also links to the Academic Development for Students Hub, which is provided by the Durham Centre for Academic Development. It covers topics such as academic writing and self-study.

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