eResource of the month: the Financial Times

Each month we spotlight one of our databases to highlight the range of resources available to our users. This month, Business Faculty Librarian Ben Taylorson writes about the Financial Times.

I’m always keen to draw the attention of our users to the vast collection of news and newspaper resources that we have. I feel they are something of a hidden or underutilised resource, but one that can prove invaluable to those studying certain subjects.

You can find an overview of our entire news collection via you subject guide. Simply go to the top-left hand corner of any subject guide, and select ‘Newspapers’ under the ‘Our Collections’ tab.

An extract from the subject guide for business, highlighting the option to access news resources
The structure of every guide is the same, so the option to access news resources is always in the same place

There you’ll find access to a range of resources, including current and historic online archives, and both UK and non-UK titles. You’ll find news aggregators such as Nexis UK and Factiva, as well as facsimile reproductions of archived newspapers (i.e. scans of actual newspaper pages) which are searchable.

In addition to these collections, we have access to some individual news resources. One of these is the Financial Times – particularly useful to those studying business, but available to all. Access is via – an international business and finance news web site that is associated with the London based financial newspaper, Financial Times.

As the Faculty Librarian for Business, I’m asked a lot about whether we have access to this. I’ve already said that we do, but the method of getting to it is slightly more complicated than for some of our other resources. I’d say 99% of our eResources can be accessed by just using your CIS username and password. The FT is one of the exceptions, as individual registration is required. There is no cost involved, but you do have to set up a username and password with the FT, separate from your CIS one.

To do so, just follow the instructions in the catalogue record

An extract of the catalogue record for the Financial Times, highlighting the option to register for access
Accessing the FT via the catalogue

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