eResource of the month: BIOSIS Citation Index

A post by Faculty Librarian Colin Theakston

Some of you may not know this, but the BIOSIS Citation Index is included within Web of Science.

This database includes cited references to primary journal literature on biological research, medical research findings, and discoveries of new organisms. It covers original research reports and reviews in botany, zoology, and microbiology, and related fields such as biomedical, agriculture, pharmacology, and ecology, and interdisciplinary fields such as medicine, biochemistry, biophysics, bioengineering, and biotechnology.

To use this excellent resource, simply search BIOSIS in our Discover catalogue and connect directly from there.

Once at the opening screen of Web of Science open the drop-down menu and select BIOSIS from the list of available databases.

Selecting BIOSIS Citation Index in Web of Science

As you can see below BIOSIS is incredibly user friendly, giving even an inexperienced searcher a wide range of searching options (topic, author, title for instance), and allows users to search up to 18 million records going back as far as 1926!  Additional search rows can be easily added and there is even an advanced search menu available for more experienced users.

Searching in BIOSIS

As you can see from my search for migratory birds, a lot of the results returned connect directly to the full-text available directly from the publisher.

Results in BIOSIS

So, BIOSIS – It’s easy to find, to search and to navigate and brings back peer-reviewed material of the highest quality.

I thoroughly recommend this resource for all budding Biologists, Bioscience and Earth Science students – give it a go!

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