Improvements to come…

If there’s one thing we’ve all seen a lot of in the last couple of years, its change – new routines, new methods and new normal. And we’ll be seeing more changes for University Library and Collections in the coming months and years, but they’ll be positive ones.

One of these changes is a new Library Management System (LMS). This is the software that underpins the core functions of the library, such as the library catalogue and the circulation system. We’ve had the current system in place – albeit with upgrades in the interim – since 1996. So change is somewhat overdue!

The new system is a product called Alma, from a company called Ex Libris. They are a well-established company who have worked with other HE institutions previously when transferring between our systems just like our current one, and Alma.

We have already established a project leader, and a team of functional leads across the library who will work to ensure a smooth transition in each of the key areas the LMS controls

The project actually began in October, and we have now moved from onboarding to project design and delivery – which seems like a key point to update our users about the project.

Training for library staff will soon take place ahead of a ‘test load’ of library records in the early part of April. A full migration in set to take place in July.

We will, of course, keep our users aware of any changes to functionality during the switch-over. And once the new system is in place from 1st August, additional functionality will be added which will benefit all of our users. This new system ensures longevity and future proofing.

We’ll keep you further updated as the project develops.

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