Love is in the Air: Love notes to your Library

This week, to mark the Lovestruck celebration that is Valentine’s Day, we asked our users to tell us… Is This Love?

They were invited to write a love note to share their admiration/love/affection for the library on one of our specially designed postcards, and add it to our display in the Billy B. And, well…what can we say? We Found Love!

‘Love notes to your library’ display

Was it Crazy Stupid Love? Was it Endless Love? We definitely weren’t left wondering Where is the Love!

With notes ranging from the appreciation of practical elements to treasuring the atmosphere within the building, here are just a few examples of the love-ly notes we received:

Dear Library, I love you because…you get me through essays

Dear Library, I love you because… feel peaceful and immersed in the world of knowledge xoxo.

Dear Library, I love you because… you make me get out of the house.

Dear Library, I love you because…of the inspiring environment you bring.

Dear Library, I love you because… you help me block out all the noise in the world

Dear Library, I love you because…you have all the books I need!

Dear Library, I love you because… “The world is quiet here” -Lemony Snicket.

Dear Library, I love you because…sitting inside can see the beautiful scenery and feel the great study atmosphere.

Dear Library, I love you because…the loving and inspiring environment you bring…I felt in love with this place at first sight

A love note…to us!

The Power of Love is sometimes underestimated; reading the notes and seeing the appreciation of our resources, study spaces, atmosphere and support – you can’t help but Feel the Love.

If you’re heading over to Palace Green Library or the Oriental Museum in the next week or so, you can also leave a love note to tell us what you loved about your visit there! (If you haven’t been yet, they’re definitely worth a visit 😊)

P.S. well done to those of you who spotted all the song titles! There are nine in total, in case you missed some…

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