On the first day of WellBEEing @dulib shared with me…

Feeling festive and being acutely aware of the stresses and uncertainty the festive period holds for many this year, we embarked on a wellbeing campaign for December, named ‘12 Days of WellBEEing.’

Read on to find out more (and check back next week to hear about Library and Collections Staff own ’12 days of Christmas’ festive challenges…

The idea was to share information on a range of topics around self-care and wellbeing to provide support and opportunities for staff and students to concentrate on themselves during these hectic times – and of course, to have a little festive fun along the way!

Not only have we been able to highlight the high level of support available from University Library and Collections, but many other departments from the wider University were keen to be involved and happily shared many resources for our various topics.

From student welfare support in Colleges to Liberate My Library, disability support to Mindful Monday Moments – each day, we’ve opened a window on our wellBEEing calendar and showcased various resources, engagement opportunities and signposting options.

Our Reading Well Bookshelf

One of our favourite topics (if we can have one!) has been the #BeeCrafty competition. In honour of our very own mascot, Billy Bee, we asked staff and students to take some time out of their busy day to enjoy craft activities and make their own bee. A panel of judges chose the best bee from each competition and a £10 gift voucher was awarded to each winner.

Our calendar will remain on our webpages throughout the festive period so if you haven’t had chance to have a look just yet or take part in any of our activities, then please feel free to do so – take some time for yourself this Christmas.

Find out more about our 12 Days of WellBEEing on our guide here.

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