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Knowing that it was going to be perhaps more important than ever this term, we’ve been working hard over the summer to create a new set of online guides for a number of aspects of University Library and Collections information.

Firstly, our Subject Guides. These have been created to replace and improve upon our old subject webpages. As perhaps you might expect, these new guides:

  • Offer an introduction as to how we support each subject
  • Highlight appropriate resources, including subject databases, newspapers, theses and dissertations, media collections and our Archives and Special Collections
  • Provide details of how to contact us for further help and guidance
Our Subject Guide for Accounting

If you were wanting to search the library’s collections for information on a specific topic but didn’t know where to start – our Research Skills guide is the guide for you. It covers how to:

  • Search, where to search and how to refine your results
  • Quickly access the full text of what you need to read
  • Manage the results you find effectively, for example to help with creating reference lists and bibliographies
  • Keep up-to-date with current research.
Our Research Skills guide

As part of our support for research, something we are very pleased to introduce is a new range of six interactive tutorials.

They are designed to support students who are about do their dissertation, but the six elements the tutorials cover will likely be of use to many users more widely as they cover topics of interest to all our users:

  1. Introduction to dissertation research
  2. Using the catalogue and Discover
  3. Basic literature searching
  4. Bibliographic databases
  5. Accessing full text online
  6. Referencing
The bibliographic databases tutorial

More generally, you will also find guides that library services, including:

Although we have worked hard to produce these guides for the start of term, we will be adding to them and developing them further as we go. If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear it via AskDULib.

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