Who needs Disney+ ?

So, after watching the latest Government announcement this evening I was looking for some lighter entertainment to take the edge off the rest of the day, only to realise as I tried unsuccessfully to find the Disney Plus App on the Smart TV, that I was still a day too early.

Luckily, as a University Library we offer online access to far more than ‘just’ books and journal articles, newspapers and theses. We can provide you with access to an archive of over 2 million tv broadcasts from ‘classic’ episodes of Eastenders and Hollyoaks (thats’s still a thing, right? And Tony is still in it?), through to Disney favourites including Dumbo, Bambi and The Bridge to Terabithia. Or maybe, given the times we’re living in, something a bit more cheery, like Toy Story 1,2 or 3, or all of the movies in the Halloween Franchise?

Read on…

Box of Broadcasts is an ‘on demand’ tv service for educational and non-commercial use,  giving you access to a huge range of content including documentaries, news broadcasts, soap operas, current affairs programmes and our very own Harry Bird from Bake Off (I mean, we’ve all got those episodes recorded at home anyway, right?)

The Little Mermaid, from Smithsonian Open Access Image Collection, CC0.
The Little Mermaid, from Smithsonian Open Access Image Collection, CC0.

You can read more about potential uses for teaching in our blog post from September 2019… but as with an expansion of access to e-books whilst many of us are in self-isolation at home, we also wanted to highlight that ‘Learning on Screen’ has just got even better for some colleagues. Whilst usually, licencing restrictions mean access is limited to users within the UK only, from now until the end of July 2020, for those staff and students residing in EU countries for the foreseeable future, this service is currently available to those in the countries of the EU!

What are you waiting for?

You can access Box of Broadcasts here.

For Teaching Staff: How to add embed a programme or clip in your DUO Module.

Sadly, Box of Broadcasts does not feature The Mandalorian, so you’ll have to feed your Baby Yoda needs elsewhere.


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