Christmas Cracker relay!

The library has had a staff running group for a couple of years now, meeting a couple of times a week to head out and remind themselves just how flat Durham isn’t. It’s a good way to get a bit of exercise in an encouraging environment whilst having a bit of a natter.

In addition to the regular biweekly jaunts, the group has turned out en masse in 2019 to conquer the Sunderland City 5k and Durham 5/10k. So, what better way to celebrate the upcoming festive period than with the 2nd Annual Library Christmas Cracker Relay!

Batons at the ready!

It’s not a complicated affair – the group is organised into two teams who run a relay race using a Christmas cracker as a baton. The winning team is the first to get their cracker home. The route: start outside the library, race all the way around the Geography building and then back to the start for the handover. There are only two rules:

1) Don’t cut corners

A textbook handover there, Clive

It was a close race this year. At the half-way point it was neck-and-neck, and even by the end there were only a few feet between the winning finisher and the runner up. As is the tradition, the winners were crowned Ultimate Champions of the Universe and all participants received a mince pie. Well, almost all – we were short by one pie, bringing shame on an otherwise prestigious event…

Ultimate Champions of the Universe. Et al.

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