A journey in self-promotion

Earlier this year I was involved in the production of the new Library and Collections promotional video. The aim was to move away from an instructional or overly corporate approach, and create something inspiring and emotive (as engaging as ‘this is how the self-issue machine works…and now we move on to the Dewey Decimal Classification’ type videos are…)

Firstly, we wanted something that brought our collections, services, activities and locations together. After all Durham University Library and Collections is not just a library, and with that comes the message that we are so much more than just ‘books on shelves’. Of course, we didn’t want to ignore the books – or the eBooks, databases and other resources – we just wanted to contextualise how they are part of a much larger, wider service that includes museum objects, manuscripts, professional support and a range of study environments.

We wanted the video underpinned by University values, looking specifically at how Library and Collections can help to inspire, challenge, innovate and enable our users.

Finally, we wanted the video to be student led, with Durham University students taking the leading roles. After all, as librarians, archivists and curators we know what we have to offer is pretty great. What we really want is for our users to tell each other!

The video is now complete. And the results, we think, are pretty good.



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